Friday, June 5, 2009

Me = Boned!

And not in the good way.

Last Friday, M found a stray puppy on the road on the way to work. She ended up bringing it home and was quite, "ZOMG! She's soooo cute!" We took her to the vet and unfortunately she was also afflicted with Parvo. We had to put her down and M was crushed. Insert sad smiley face. On top of that, she felt horrible about potentially exposing our dog to the disease. Hopefully the tanker truck full of bleach that I used to clean out his kennel will prevent an issues. The ground water table be damned!

Saturday she decided to go do some running around and somehow ended up at the local Humane Society. I get a text from her, "So many cute doggies here! You have to come see!"

And I did...rookie mistake. I give you Carolina. So behold, the new instrument of my doom!! (And serial drive-by pee dropper)


Lainey said...


PS: Soooo cute!

Lainey said...

Remember when you were going to post more often? That was fun. Good times, good times...

How's the puppy?

onthevirg said...

Yeah yeah, I know. Work has been nuts lately and it's been killing me.

Pup is good. Is even getting the hang of house training.