Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dogs Are Comedy

So we have our little TerrorPup who's about 7 months old now. Along with walking him at least twice a day and playing with toss with him, etc I try to take him to the dog park or over to a neighbor's house so he can play with other dogs. Since he's such a happy little bastard with other dogs and people, he loves this. Plus it gets him away from the beatings I constantly shower upon him.

The one neighbor that I take him over to the most has a Golden Retriever that's about 100 pounds, at least. So it's always kind of funny to see our 35 pound pup tearing around with this huge beast after him. That's not the funniest part though.

You see, after they've spent 20 minutes chasing each other around, they both kind of flop down just wrestling and jawing at each other. Well the other day I'm sitting there talking with my neighbor while they're going through their usual routine. I look over and Johan (neighbor's dog) is on his back while Dak is on top of him just furiously pumping away at his head. It was quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

And I always thought that "getting skull-fucked" was just a saying.

* Ed note - I realize this would be much funnier with a picture, which I will endeavor to capture.

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country roads said...

I'm glad to see you're back!! Forgive me for the beer choices, but when you're drinking a case or more each day, the finer stuff gets expensive and filling. I didn't want to look bloated in my swim trunks, yo. You know, just in case some hottie strolled along the beach... Yeah, she never showed up. Anyway, see what happens when you're gone for a long time? The whole shit just falls apart.