Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Annnnd...We're Back

So it's been just over three months since I said that I would be posting more, which of course...I haven't. And I really haven't been reading blogs either. It seems that with all the shit that I was doing up until mid July, I just ended up kind of letting it go. Well no more, I will make you all suffer again! With posts and comments on my regularly read blogs. Plus I realized that writing this was sort of fun when I was doing it regular like. I suppose I could have used the draft thingy, but that would have taken some forethought on my part. Anyway, I'm going to start throwing up posts again. You're all so lucky!

To start it off, let's visit me as I work the other day to A) get a dressing down in front of someone of authority and/or B) get a sexual harassment lawsuit initiated against me:

Scene: Accounting office. Clerical staff member, another co-worker and myself.

Co-Worker: Why do you sound so funny when you talk today?

Clerical staff member: I had to go to the dentist this morning. I'm still all numbed up and I have a hard time swallowing so it's like my mouth is always full of spit.

Me: That's noooot spit!

CSM: *gasp* Onthevirg!

And...scene. That's right, bringing the inappropriate to work since 2000!

I'll see you guys soon. I'll probably recounting some stories from the last couple of months for your consideration. Or not, since everyone probably thinks I'm dead and doesn't even bother to read this anymore. *shrug* Whatever.

I'm also throwing in some puppy cuteness combined w/ some of his shenanigans:


Big Daddy said...

I was afraid of this. Someone has taken over this blog. The original writer must actually be dead. How else could you explain the long time off?

onthevirg said...

Back from the dead bitches (allegedly)! That's two posts in one week!

For the one person that may, or may not, read.