Friday, June 27, 2008

OK...So I'm Trying

I know all of you have been waiting in breathless anticipation since Monday when I said I would post something {rolls eyes}. Here's the lowdown on way I've been away from my legions of fans for so long:
  • School: This last semester kicked my ass. Between speech, marine biology and poli-sci, I was knee deep in bullshit all the time. It was gdamn ridiculous to be honest...I actually had to work for grades this time around. What a crock of shit. On a brighter note, I need to check with a counselor and see if I can transfer to big boy school.
  • Work: The past two months have been filled with either: A) moving shit all over our office because we're giving up space or B) helping work on implementing major changes on how we do business. I tell you what, the fucking nerve of people expecting you to work for your paycheck is just downright fascist.
  • Birthday: *Sigh* Another year older. I'm telling you, when the barber spins you around in the chair and you exclaim to yourself, "Hey! Where the fuck did all my hair go?!?" It's not a welcome revelation.
  • Puppy: About a month and a half ago, we rescued a pup from the pound. I know I included a couple pics before, but I'm telling you, he's the cutest mofo to walk the Earth. I'm glad that I never decided to have kids, cause this fur-hurricane is just demanding as hell (and props to TK for giving me advice along the way). It's been a constant barrage of attention giving, razor sharp supervision, and copious amounts of turd pickup. But he's shaping up quite well and made vast improvement since we brought him home. We're considering sending him off to the puppy training gulag, but gdamn, those guys charge a fortune. Anyway, here's the promised pic. And Manny, you can eat puppy FTW.
Anywho, I'll give some more details on the more amusing facets of my past semester as well as other comical shit that's happened lately very soon.


country roads said...

I've had to actually work lately too and I tell you, this shit's gotta stop.

The Charming Hedonist said...

What's with the crazy working for all of us bloggers?!

Glad you're back.

MsPuddin said...

how dare they make you work at your job!

Happy belated. Man just grow out your side burns, it will distract from the center of your head.

Manny said...

I'd post a longer comment, but I'm allergic to blog dust.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he's dead.