Monday, May 12, 2008


So, I haven't posted in several weeks (supervisor @ work had a 911 appendectomy; school has been running me ragged) and the reason that I am now is because I might have a serious problem. I had my blog up, to access the blogroll and catch up on stuff that I haven't read in @ least a week, if not more...and M walks by and sees the title.

Oh nooooooo!!!! Holy shit!!! Please, whatever guiding force may be out there, don't let her remember that name. I would make this invite only, but I don't know the addresses of people that read this. Which you wouldn't figure would be that tough considering there's only 10 (at best) of you. I'm seriously considering deleting everything else in the archives out, just in case (edit: done). So please Flying Spaghetti Monster, don't let her remember this blog.

That is all. Please let that be all. If she reads this, no one will be able to post the obituary.


Anonymous said...

That blows. I had to have a discussion with the wife and explain to her that I didn't want her reading the blog. I think she still does it secretly but she is kind enough not to comment or say she does. Good luck to you.

PS: You might want to consider deleting the posts discussing her blowjobs. Just sayin.

onthevirg said...

Well, if I'm lucky, she won't even remember the title of the blog. She didn't read/see anything or I think we already would be having a talk. I already deleted a ton of the posts Especially the one you just so conveniently mentioned...thanks Harry.

I might be safe.

country roads said...

If she hasn't cut your head off yet (either one), I'd guess you were ok.

MsPuddin said...

ok so she finds out your an alcoholic and have a thing for hot asian lesbian porn. could be worse.

Redhead said...

Let me be the one to state the obvious here - she probably wasn't paying attention when she walked by, and even if she had seen the name of the blog, she doesn't care and likely forgot the entire thing happened 30 seconds after 'the glance.' So stop being a pussy and calm down.

onthevirg said...

Country - Yep.

MsP - Well she already knew the first thing and honestly, what guy doesn't like the second.

Red - Yeah, thanks for the advice now. After I spent 40 minutes deleting everything. The lesson? Everything seems less urgent the following day. When you're not buzzed.

Thinking about it the following day I came to the same conclusion you did, she probably forgot it 60 seconds later. *sigh* All the literary genius, lost forever. {/sarcasm off}

Anonymous said...

So I don't have to delete my comment about the blowjob posts? Yeah, I'm very helpful.