Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've Found Nirvana

M, who by the way is the greatest g/f like...evah, bought me a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin the other day while she was out shopping. Now I've had a ton of single malt, covering the gamut from cheap-ass rotgut to stuff that generally tops out @ around $50 a bottle. This stuff however, is on another planet. I love Laphroaig, but this stuff is like that, only on roids.

Immediately after opening the bottle and just sniffing the cork you get a heavy sense of the smoke and the peat that you're about to be treated to. Pouring it into the rocks glass and getting your nose in there only increases that sensation. And sipping it, good gravy. It is the best single malt I've ever had. It's like...drinking a BBQ done over oak and moss. But rather than being harsh, it's as smooth as fresh pressed silk. I'll never be able to write reviews, cause obviously my vernacular sucks. Suffice it to say, this shit rules. Red, not that you read this anymore, but you were right. This is fantastic.

And if you ever saw someone put ice in it, you should immediately scorn them. Then punch them in the mouth.


Redhead said...

No, I don't read this anymore - clearly. Dude, I am completely the type to say 'I told you so' so... yeah, exactly. You have now tried my favorite scotch - welcome to my world, it's a nice place to live.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so she brings you the world's greatest scotch, retrieves carne asada burritos for you, and gives you head while you watch the Angels game? You must have a 10 pound cock or are able to lick your own eyebrows to get a woman that good. Congrats, man.

Chardsy said...

That scotch is amazing. And yes, if you see someone put it over ice they should be shot.

You've got quite the nice g/f over there.

onthevirg said...

Red - Don't think I could live in a world that was that bitchy all the time.

Harry - Well, I wish I was able to say I could do either of those things. Must be my model-like good looks and incredible wealth.

Oh...wait. I'm just a lucky SOB.

Chardsy - She.Rules. That's all I can say.