Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something I Never Saw Myself Complaining About...

The instructor that I have for speech class told us a few of weeks ago that, basically, he's out looking for another job, is stressed with a bunch of personal shit, etc. This in turn meant that he'd be much less hardcore about his grading of our speeches and such then he normally would be. My first thought to this revelation, the obvious one...Fucking Sahhhweet! What this has meant so far for us kids in class is him banging out *tee-hee* lectures in about 45 minutes to an hour and cutting us loose. All of which has been awesome.

What has been not so awesome is him not showing up for classes on nights that we're supposed to actually give speeches, which normally I wouldn't care about either, since he's been cutting stuff out of the semester instead of cramming it all tighter (Ghezus...what's with my sentences this post?). But here's the thing. He went on and on about how we needed to be ready to bring the noise on this group project due this week where we have to do a 45-60 minute presentation. So the group I am in spent at least 7-8 hours (on Spring Break mind you!) going over our speech, making sure we had it down and would be ready to go. Shit, we even made sure we all were going to be dressed similarly! Oh, on top of that, he made a point to emphasize that we'd better have some material for our next speech, cause he was going to check our progress.

Well guess what happened last night when we showed up, geared and ready to go? That's right, class.fucking.canceled. I hope he did great on his interview...asshat.


Chardsy said...

LAME!!! I hated when my profs did that! No talent ass clowns.

country roads said...

That's a guaranteed A right?