Monday, April 14, 2008

35 Miles Of Hell

I am not smart sometimes.

Now, I realize that to some of you that have been reading this drivel for a while, that's hardly a newsflash. Yet I constantly find ways to amaze myself w/ my stunning retardation. You see, Saturday M and I had a really wonderful day together. We hung out, did some gardening together (I know, what a romantic) and had a really great dinner. The bad part? Sunday. And this is where it gets funny/stupid.

I hadn't had a drink since Tuesday (life insurance medical test on Sat morning) so by Saturday I was ready to...have a couple of beers. Which I did. Then we had some two bottles of wine with/after dinner. Which was absolutely kickass by the way. Fillet Mignon on the grill with some mushrooms, green beans and garlic marinated in some Italian dressing...also grilled. Mmmm...tasty.

So, to recap, I had a relatively high BAC by the time I hit the rack @ 12. Which was tremendously stupid since I was getting up at 7 to go on a 45 mile'ish ride on Sunday. See where this is going?

I barely made it up by 7:30 and was feeling worked over from the get go. I wolfed down some leftover steak from the night before and hit the road to my buddy B's house where he and his brother in law laughed at my horrid appearance. I struggled mightily the whole time and was barely able to keep up with the 2 of them. I think averaged about 12 mph vs the 15-16 I'm able to comfortably cruise at normally. I also got the most severe case of cramps I've ever had in my life. Riding a bike uphill X massive thigh cramps = not good times. I thought I seriously was just going to lock up and fall over. Luckily I made it back home to shower and nap for 2 hours.

And, amazingly, I never threw up.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an all together shitty Sunday. Glad Saturday was cool. And look at the bright side. You didn't get hit by a car.

country roads said...

When are you going to learn that exercise really is bad for you?

mortarbored said...

This is mortarbored and I approve this post.

(Yes, I'm alive!)

onthevirg said...

Harry - Excellent point. Not being pasted by car is definitely a step up, no matter how shitty I felt.

Country - Obviously my alcohol intake generally prevents any real exercise from happening. I think I'm OK.

Mortar - It's alllllllllllllive!

MsPuddin said...

ok good, because I thought the story was going to lead to you shitting your pants on your bike...

onthevirg said...

MsP - Give me time, that might happen next weekend.