Friday, December 5, 2008

The Return of...Random Thoughts Friday!

Off we go:

  • You know you've won the lottery at getting boned when you not only have to work Sunday to finish up a server upgrade, but might have to show up for jury duty the Monday after. At least the popular, "Live Blogging @ Jury Duty!" will make a return engagement if I get called in.
  • I've realized that I'm not only lazy, I'm extremely cheap. You see, the other day I had a long argument with myself about whether I was going to ride my bike to school or drive and park (it's 15 miles round trip and $1/hour to park). That's right, it was a cage match. Of laziness vs cheapness. For the record, laziness won that night.
  • An easy way to determine you've had too much to drink one night? When you have to watch a movie over again because you were so smashed the first time through that you only remember the first 15 minutes. Perhaps, I might drink too much. Nahhhh.
  • On that note, Tropic Thunder = just OK.
  • Did any of you guys (like there's a ton of people reading this) see the newest X-Files flick? I was kind of disappointed that they just completely ignored the years of previous plots and story to do a stand alone movie. Give me some closure dammit!
  • M went back to her mom's for Thanksgiving. It was just me and the dog at the house. I've realized that I'm seriously out of touch with my bachelor mojo. I thought there'd be all this great stuff I could be doing solo. What actually ended up happening? Me sitting around with the dog in my lap, watching movies, reading or napping. Though that wasn't all that bad either.
  • One thing I don't miss about bachelorhood? Eating dinners of Tuna Helper and tater tots. And no, I can't cook for shit if it doesn't get grilled.
  • This month is going to be 9 years that M and I have been together. My previous record for a relationship? 3 years, and that was with my ex-wife. Man am I ever lucky enough to have found her. Though she might have a different opinion on that. I expect the "When are you two going to get married?" questions to hit a fevered pace around year 10.
  • Going back to animals for a minute. If you like them, especially dogs, and haven't read Marley and Me yet, I highly recommend it. It's a great, humorous story. Though beware, it got awful dusty in my house at completion.
Well I think that's all I've got for this round. Stay tuned for the exciting live blogging from jury duty if I get called in on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

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country roads said...

If you dress your tater tots up with a little parmesan cheese, they're tres elegant.

Just sayin'....