Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Know What I Found Out Friday Night...

No, not that I'm gay.

Getting hit by a car while riding trying to ride to school? That.Shit.Hurts!

Luckily I'm all in one piece. My bike, perhaps not. The shittiest part, besides the 4 hours I spent at the ER? The fucking cocksucker ran. Shitheel.


TK said...

DUDE! What the fuck, man? You can't be left alone for a second, can you.

Jesus. Anything broken?

Anonymous said...


I'm relieved you are well enough to update the blog. But HOLY SHIT you got hit by a car! While going to school to better yourself! And the guy ran!

The universe must really hate you, man.

country roads said...

Glad you're ok. Do they sell bike insurance? Because you probably need it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're okay enough to post but what in the name of all that is good and holy in this world is wrong with people? May this boil on society's ass be stricken with cancer in the nether regions.

Hope you're feeling better by now. At least you have baseball season starting today. Go Blue!

onthevirg said...

TK - I'm almost as bad as you with your lunches. Except you end up at the dry cleaners, not the ER.

Boo - Thanks for making me want to hunker down in the house. Forever.

Country - Someone told me I should call my car/homeowners companies. I'm sure my deductible wouldn't make it worth it.

Harry - My friends think this person might live in the hood. If so, oh boy.

You mean...go Halos!

Chardsy said...

NO WAY! I hope you are ok. I also hope they find that suck-hole.

The Charming Hedonist said...

That guy's a douche. Hope you're okay and riding again soon!

MsPuddin said...

OMG! thats how my brother's godmama died. glad you are ok ;p

MsPuddin said...

ps-glad your not gay

Manny said...

You know why he hit you and ran? 'Cuz yer queer.

Seriously, though, I'm glad you're ok. I once got a wicked papercut between my fingers, so I know how you must feel.

onthevirg said...

Chardsy - Thanks. I doubt it at this point.

TCH - Indeed he is. And my bike is bike up and running.

MsP - Sorry to hear about your Grams. And thanks. My friends would probably argue that's not true.

Manny - Zing! Yeah, it's exactly like the papercut.